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Project Little Ones

An old saying, attributed to several origins, says that to raise a child an entire village is needed. If we consider this village one of our cities, it is with this understanding we can see that we have long stopped working together to think and act on the overall development of people.

Poverty, neglect, family neglect and all the many problems associated with them completely affect the lives of millions of children and adolescents throughout the world. Brazil, as a developing country, unfortunately has a large number of these children in various situations of risk (almost 6 million, according to UNICEF). So there are children working, those being sexually exploited (commercially or not), those involved in crime and drugs, the disabled, street dwellers, those discriminated by ethnic or religious identity or gender, those in conflict with the law and institutionalized.

In view of this, YWAM Recife created Project Pequeninos (Project Little Ones) in order to reach the children and youth in the streets of the city, taking the love, care and mercy of God. The first step is to approach with the intention of developing a relationship, knowing their life history, and then looking into the possibility of the child returning to live with his family. Home visits are done for the purpose of offering the family of these ‘little ones’ counseling, discipleship, and necessary support.


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